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Zoo Animals Baby Mobile

A few years ago, I made a mobile for my friend’s first little baby (born August, 2014). I decided to piece together a few patterns and experiment with the construction of the mobile.  Here is what I came up with.

First I created 6 zoo animals from patterns in Vanna’s Choice Easy Crochet Critters.  The patterns in this book are easy to follow, and great for beginners. It’s also an inexpensive little book with 10 animal patterns! Here is a picture of the front cover of the pattern book:

Crochet animals book

I made the alligator, elephant, giraffe, hippo, lion, and monkey.

Next I worked on the frame and the hanging mechanism.  I bought a wooden oval embroidery hoop and used the inner oval for the mobile.  I then wrapped the hoop in yellow ribbon. I used hot glue, but only on the inner portions of the hoop, to keep the ribbon in place. After the hoop was fully wrapped in ribbon, I cut two long pieces of ribbon that were identical in length.  I glued them to the inner portion of the hoop, making a cross in the middle (glue one piece of ribbon in the upper right and lower left corners, and the other in the upper left and lower right corners). I used a large knitting stitch marker for the top. I cut a small piece of ribbon and wrapped it around both long ribbons attached to the hoop (where they cross) and the stitch marker. Then I hot glued the small piece of ribbon so that it made a little ring.

Mobile3 copy

I landed on this method for the hanging mechanism because it allows one to adjust the mobile so that it hangs straight! The two longer ribbons attached to the wooden hoop are free to move, but stay secure in the little ribbon loop. (This was not the case when I tried to just thread them through the knitting stitch marker.)

Finally, using a cream-colored crochet thread, I attached the animals to the mobile. I cut 6 pieces of thread, each one slightly longer than I wanted each animal to hang. I ran the thread through the top of each animal, finding the place where the animal would hang straight when only being supported by the thread, and tied a knot.  Then I secured the other end of the thread to the mobile with a knot. Once all 6 animals were attached, and I spaced them the way I wanted them, I used a bit of hot glue (again only on the inside of the hoop) over the thread to keep them in place.


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