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Elephant and Bunny Lovies

I love crocheting for babies, and there are SO MANY babies due in 2016! Sam and I each have a very close friend due in March — one expecting a boy and one expecting a girl. I searched for a few free patterns for lovies, taggies, snuggles, whatever you want to call them.

There are many out there, but I landed on a free elephant snuggle pattern and a free bunny lovey pattern. The elephant pattern was created by a designer in Amsterdam. While the website can be a little intimidating the pattern is in English and it is free. Even though you have to click to “buy” it, you “pay”  € 0,00 for it, and you never have to enter any information. I tried to include a link that avoids this process… please let me know how the link works for you!

These patterns are great, and you should absolutely check them out.  However, after looking at a number of these patterns, I can say most of them follow the same basic pattern.

Basic Lovey Pattern:

For the blanket portion, you make one big granny square, however many rounds you like.

To make a granny square, start with a magic circle (for a video tutorial by Tamara Kelly from Moogly, click here). You can also ch6 if you prefer, and join to make a circle.

First, ch3 (this counts as the first dc), then 2dc, ch2. You now have one 3dc cluster (3, because the ch3 counts as one dc). Then, make *3dc, ch2* three times in the circle, so that you have four sides of a square, and join. Right now you have the first little square, and each ch2 space counts as a corner.

From there forward, you simply make 3dc clusters in each ch-space. When you’re starting a round, the first cluster starts with ch3 (counts as first dc) and then you make 2dc to finish the first cluster. ch1 in between each 3dc cluster on the sides, and make *3dc, ch2, 3dc* in every corner.  Essentially, at every corner you are increasing the number of 3dc clusters by one. You ch2 at the corner to make space for the extra 3dc cluster in the next round.

Here is a diagram for the basic granny square. Round 1 was made with pink yarn, round 2 with white, and round 3 with yellow.


Use this general pattern to make as many rounds as you want! You can switch colors whenever you like to make a pattern, or one continuous color would be pretty too. When the granny square is as large as you like you can fasten off. You can also create a boarder by making sc or dc in each stitch around (or whatever boarder you want).

For the animal portion, just make the head and arms of any amigurumi pattern you like. The Elephant and Bunny patterns include the pattern for the elephant and bunny heads and arms. But you could really do anything. There are tons of patterns that would work in the two amigurumi books that I own (Vanna’s Choice Easy Crochet Critters & Amigurumi Two book by Ana Paula Rimoli). There are free patterns all over the place as well.  For example, I think this free chick pattern would make a very cute lovey.

Once you have the little animal, you sew it to the center of the granny square.  And that’s it! You could make tons of different lovies with this basic pattern by changing the colors, the size, and the amigurumi animal that is attached. You could even experiment with attaching the animal in a different place, like one of the corners.


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