I love the holidays! Sweaters, slow roasting dinner in the oven, turning on the Christmas lights, cuddling on the couch and wearing sweaters. It’s great. Then January comes, and it feels like it’s just cold and dark and so far away from spring. To brighten up January, my boyfriend Sam and I started exchanging gifts every Saturday in January. Just little things to get us through. (His birthday is in February, mine in March, and then it’s spring!!)

I wanted the final January gift to be special. Sam really likes Star Wars, so I searched online for a free Star Wars amigurumi pattern. I landed on this AMAZING R2D2 pattern by MiaHandcrafter. Her pattern actually comes with instructions to connect a battery pack and make R2D2 a nightlight. I had some little jewels in my craft box, so I decided to use those instead. I may upgrade it and add an LED light and a battery pack some day.



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