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Birds Mini Mobile

Bidelman Birdies

I decided to make a tiny mobile for a nursery. It’s small, so it could go over a window, in a corner, or maybe over a bookshelf or changing table. I made two of the “little birds” from the branch mobile pattern in Amigurumi Two book by Ana Paula Rimoli. I’ve shared this book before; it includes great patterns for infants and children.

I followed the patterns for the birds, except for the beak.  Instead of using felt, I made one with yellow lion brand yarn.  First I chained 2, then sc in the second chain from the hook.  This makes a triangle that can be sewn to the face of the bird.



I started with the heads, and after the first decrease round (rnd 13) I attached two safety eyes (6mm) between rounds 6 and 7. Then I sewed on the the beak on, with the top between rounds 8 and 9.

After making the heads I made the body, two wings, and a tail. Then, I stuffed the body and lightly stuffed the tail, and finally sewed them together.


Now, to create the perch! I found a stick outside that was relatively straight and about the right diameter, then broke it into two pieces.  I then baked the sticks in the oven at 200°F for about an hour to kill anything weird.

I hot glued the birds to the stick. For the grey I chained 80 and wrapped secured it to each stick. Then repeated on the other side.  To make sure the birds stayed upright, I used an off-white crochet thread tied to the top stick and to head of each bird.  I used a little bit of brown paint to help the thread around the stick blend in, and then pained the sticks with modge podge. (I even went over the grey yarn around the sticks to keep it from moving.)



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