Rag-Knit Rug

I recently posted about rag-knit dishcloths I made out of t-shirts. Another blogger commented with the idea to make a bath mat out of old t-shirts. This pushed me to post this old project of mine, the rag-knit bath mat! The mat pattern is available for free from coco knits. There is also a pattern for a half circle doily rug that would work well for smaller spaces. The doily rug does have some holes in the design, so it would need to be adapted for a bath mat, or would definitely make a cute decorative rug.

I made the bath mat design as a rug for my friend Ludmila.  We cut up some old sheets made of jersey she had.This rug is not perfectly even. The jersey is a little stretchy, and this was one of my very first knitting projects. The rag-knit look is supposed to be non-uniform and bulky in places, so it worked out okay. Using old cotton t-shirts would definitely work better.



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