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Sleepy Owls Baby Mobile

2016-02-05 16.31.03

Last month I blogged about the sleepy owls I was making for a friend’s mobile. I finally turned the owls into a full mobile! Here it is:

I am making a mobile for my little niece due in May. (Actually, it’s one of my best friends, Emily, who is having a daughter, but I get to be Aunt Meg anyway.)

I had made a mobile for another friend’s baby in the past, and Emily liked the idea. So, I started searching for inspiration.  I came across an owl mobile on another blog, and decided owls would be the way to go.

The nursery is going to be many natural colors: light browns, whites, sea foam greens, and so on. I started crocheting these darling sleeping owls in light yellow and gray.

2016-01-03-19-30-2051You can find the owl pattern here. I am not big on felt or sewing with “real” thread and needles.  For the beak, I made a magic ring, 3 sc in the ring, then 2sc in next two stitches, slip stitch in last stitch.


I used the leaf vine pattern from my Amigurumi Two book by Ana Paula Rimoli. I bought a vine wreath from Michaels, and attached all 8 vines. I simply tied them on with knots, and cut the extra yarn back. I then coated the wreath with a semi-gloss modge podge.   There were a number of loose twigs and bits of leaves, and I didn’t want nature to fall on the baby! I also made sure to coat the areas where the vines were attached so that the knot won’t come undone. And voila! An owl mobile!



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