Holiday Decorations

Maple Leaf Banner

My mother’s mother grew up in Canada, and I love to cook. So, my fiance and I started celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving in October in addition to American Thanksgiving in November. It has become a lovely tradition, in part because gives us a holiday just for us while still letting us spend American Thanksgiving with family. We just had our third big Canadian Thanksgiving meal yesterday (Columbus day in the US), another benefit is tons of leftovers!

And of course, the other benefit to an additional holiday is being able to make holiday decorations. Last year, I made a banner with red maple leaves to hang over our doorway from the kitchen to the living room. The banner is festive for Canadian Thanksgiving, but is also nice for a general fall foliage decoration. Last year, I only had time to make 5 leaves — 3 bigger ones with thick red yarn and 2 smaller ones with a thinner red sparkly yarn.

Now I’m adding two more leaves so that the banner covers the entire doorway. Now it looks much better!


This maple leaf pattern is a free download from Red Heart. It’s an intermediate pattern, and I found some parts a bit tricky.  But, once you get the hang of it, they’re fun!


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