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Crafting for Halloween with Yarn, Felt, Paint, & Jars!

Last year I made a ton of fun Halloween decorations! These were really fun, so I thought I’d share this year! Many free crochet patterns and a fun crafting project with acrylic paint and jars.

Crochet Ghosts holding “Boo”

These little guys seemed likely to tip over, so I put a few unpopped popcorn kernels in the bottom of each ghost so that they sit bottom heavy.


Spider tissue cover:

I crocheted the cover on orange and black, and used black yarn to attach the pieces together. Then, I used hot glue to attach little spiders I bought at Michaels.


Halloween Coffee Sleeves

I actually sewed these together to make a continuous sleeve instead of attaching buttons. I was afraid if I used the buttons that they might not be very sturdy (and may result in a dropped coffee). I also ended up slip-stitching around the bottom of the sleeves later to reinforce them so they don’t slip up too far.


Halloween Coasters:

Frankenstein coaster

Pumpkin coaster

Ghost coaster

I’m actually not as fond of these. The patterns are great, I just think they look a little messy. But my fiance really likes them, so we use them!


Halloween jar decorations:

These were SO MUCH FUN! Sam had a lot of fun helping with these. For some, we poured paint on the inside, and for others, we painted the outside and then used mod podge on the outside. For some of the faces, I bought a sheet of black sticky paper, traced the images with a pencil, and cut very carefully! For the jack-o-lantern, ghost, Frankenstein, and skeleton, the paint is on the inside and the decals are on the outside. For the zombies, we painted red on the inside and then another color on the outside. Then, after the paint dried, we scratched some of the paint on the outside off to show the red on the inside!

We looked at a bunch of different ideas on Pinterest, but here are links to a few that gave us inspiration:

-> Halloween Jars

-> Mason Witches

-> Spider in a Jar

-> Pumpkin Jar

-> Mummy Mason Jars

-> Zombie Jars

We also tried this maple leaf jar, but after a little bit the leaves turned brown. Does anyone know how to prevent that?



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